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903 North Bowser Rd., Suite 206
Richardson, TX, 75081
United States


Dentistry & Orthodontics

How can investing in your patients and practice now, pay you back many times over within a couple years?

We know that investing in one of our custom themed environments will be a home run for you, your patients and your staff, 
That’s because for over a decade, we’ve watched our pediatric dental clients thrive.

Character Farms designs, creates and installs fun, engaging and memorable themed office solutions proven to help reduce or eliminate patient anxiety and fear. Less anxiety in children leads to more satisfied parents, and that’s how our one-of-a-kind themes will quickly become your
greatest marketing tool. Once parents have a positive experience, they’ll become your biggest advocate by telling other parents about you, which will put your patient referrals on cruise control.

Whether your pediatric practice needs a simple refresh or you're wanting a whole new themed timeless look, Character Farms offers creative solutions that fit any budget.