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903 North Bowser Rd., Suite 206
Richardson, TX, 75081
United States


Frisco Kids Dentistry

Client: Frisco Kids Dentistry
Location: Frisco, Texas

Welcome to the famous western outpost, Frisco Kids Dentistry. As soon as you walk in the door you’re greeted by “Cactus Jack”, a lovable six foot tall toothbrush slinging cowboy. Once you enter into the main hygienist area of town, you’ll find yourself surrounded by doggie cowboys and Indians, buffalos, wild horses and great big western vistas. Enter the “Old Frisco Mine” where you discover the most amazing retro arcade games. Each patient learns the story of “The Cavity Gang”, a group of wild cavity bandits with names like “The Bad Brush Bandit”, “The Candy Kid”, and “The Soda Scoundrel”. Before leaving every child is deputized with their own logo badge for
being brave during their visit.