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Churches | Children's Interior Themes and Design

What is the one key difference between churches that are on a growth trajectory and those that aren’t?

The churches that are thriving know the importance of a vital and strong children’s ministry, and have invested in them. In fact, according to a recent study by “Children Ministry” magazine, 66% of adults say that a strong children’s ministry program is “very important” to them in the overall decision when choosing a church.

Now, investing in your nursery and children’s ministries are more critical than ever before. That’s because overall church membership is shrinking and we know that a healthy, vibrant children’s ministry is what attracts new families and keeps existing families from going elsewhere.

Character Farms plans and creates nursery and children’s ministry spaces that are kid-friendly, inspiring, nuturing, engaging, and most important, are a place that they can’t wait to come back to each week, staff included.

We understand that prayer, strong leadership, curriculums and programs are the core of any successful and thriving children’s ministry. Character Farms’ mission is to support and enhance those core attributes to help grow your children’s ministry. 

Consider us your “ministry of first impressions". In most cases you only get one shot.