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903 North Bowser Rd., Suite 206
Richardson, TX, 75081
United States


Athens Dental Works

Client: Athen’s DentalWorks
 Location: Athens, Texas

We were asked to turn this new pediatric dental office into an out of this world experience for the patients and parents who enter it. When you arrive you lay witness to a large flying saucer, complete with a friendly alien that greets you from the rooftop. Children love playing the games that are built within the large retro rocket ship. As they are led to one of four treatment rooms, they are surrounded by planets, stars and a space dog named Astro. Since opening it’s doors a few years ago, Athen’s DentalWorks has become a regional landmark in Texas. At night, people come just to watch the light show that is built withing the rooftop flying saucer.